Saturday, December 3, 2011

Great morning for Magic

Although it was only about 16 degrees outside at 7:00 a.m. here in Elko, the group slowly showed up for a few hours of Magic. We played a few rounds of one on one and then moved onto the group play. My decks are performing a little better overall, but a few still need serious revisions. At least one deck was a complete failure and the entire deck needed to be reworked. One bright spot was the performance of my decks as supportive decks in the Captain's matches. It is much easier to build decks which are supportive in those settings. After the morning session, it was decided we would play again on Monday afternoon at my house.

Monday Update: So I rebuilt one of my decks but it faired no better. Including me, there were a total of four people at the Monday session. It was fairly balanced play Monday afternoon and I was able to win one multiplayer round- only the second multiplayer round I have won. The final team match was particularly close and made for an interesting end to the session. I'm guessing the Monday sessions might wind down during the holidays, but it has been a great time to get together and play and a good chance to make midweek adjustments to decks.

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