Monday, December 19, 2011

A Celebration of Free Expression!!!

Although the process was extremely long, the video game I created has been added to the Elko County Library! You can now check the game out at my local library!

Honestly, I was shocked. I had already given up on the process and simply expected the title would not ever be carried by the library- but it is. It has a nice display right at the front desk where most people cannot help but see it. In fact, it may have the best placement in the library.

So many of my stories have been about censorship it is nice to have a story which is not about censorship but about the ability to tap into the communications infrastructure.

So if you are in Elko, feel free to check out Tore Loves Eliza. If not feel free to download it online.

Feel free to thank the library by phone or email! Although they host gaming nights, this is the first video game in their circulation collection.

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