Monday, November 14, 2011

Overdue at the Library

The Elko County library decided to not make a decision regarding the game Tore Loves Eliza. An endless myriad of excuses constitutes a constructive denial. It is not suprising that many low level government fiefdoms engage in gate keeping, but it is a sad surprise when that gate keeping is perpetrated by a library.

To be clear, I have given them a considerable amount of time to make a decision- as posts as old as September 9, 2011 demonstrate- which frankly was not that difficult to make. I even took my own computer down to the library and provided them with a demonstration of the game. After the demonstration, they indicated they wanted some additional labeling for purposes of installation. I provided them with additional information.

The library does provide patrons with gaming options. They are currently taking a grant to do so.

Not a single person involved in the decision making process should keep their job.

I have tried to support this library by purchasing some of the has-beens they sell to raise money. I participated in their bland "pets-caught" reading contest. I attended and publicized their game nights. At a minimum, the library staff lost my support over its bullshit "indecision".

UPDATE: THE LIBRARY IS NOW CARRYING THE TITLE. I will stop calling for the mass firings and can start supporting the library again!

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