Thursday, March 17, 2011

9 Weeks Later

I completed the nine week program in Wii Sports Active 2.

Over the course of nine weeks, I had a chance to evaluate the single person capacity of Active 2. I did not try to do group workouts or workout with a friend, so I cannot evaluate those features.

As a fitness program, I feel that Wii Active 2 did a decent job of getting me in better shape. The results are not miraculous, but demonstrate a positive incremental gain in fitness on my part. My time was not wasted and it was a great opportunity for exercise during the notoriously sedentary winter months. As I went through the program, I noticed that some exercises were getting easier and that I did get in better shape- nothing dramatic. The diversity of the program meant that I exercised in ways I otherwise would not have.

I felt most comfortable with the program during the middle portion of the nine week program. Toward the end of the third phase, I found the exercises to be much longer. At the beginning, I had my own set of supplemental exercises which I stopped doing as the exercise program itself became more intensive.

The program provides a great deal of structure and just enough variety in the exercises to prevent you from getting bored with the routines. As you go through the nine weeks, the program increases the length for which you exercise which means you will need to set aside some time for exercise.

I noted a variety of problems along the way. One time, the heart monitor sensor did not work as intended and occassionally the motion sensors required minor adjustments. The wii-mote occassionally timed out. Nevertheless, this is only the second real attempt at a serious fitness program by EA and the problems seemed minor. I also replaced the default resistance band after it broke. My new resistance band provides greater resistance anyway, but I was disappointed. Despite minor flaws, I consider Wii Sports Active 2 to work reasonably well and feel that it is a great title to own. Investing in rechargeable batteries as well as a pilate matt are also essential.

I'm glad I own Wii Active 2 and feel comfortable in recommending the program even though it has some flaws. I consider this one of the better titles in my library.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Paying to Win Presentation now making rounds on BF:H website.

Ben Cousins gave a presentation at GDC called, "Paying to Win."

Watch the video and draw your own conclusions.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making Games

Lately, I've been trying to make a video game. As expected, it has been a bit more difficult than I had hoped.

There are many programs which can help ordinary people make games now.

Making games gives one a better appreciation of the work that goes into game making and gives one a better perspective on the challenges involved in game making.

To make matters worse, my resources are quite limited.