Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phase 3 of 9 week program.

I just began phase 3 of EA Sports Active 2's nine week program. The workouts are definitely getting harder.

I am fairly satisfied with my experiences with Active 2 for Wii so far. There have been minor setbacks. The heart rate motion sensor did not always work as hoped for in one of the exercises. However, it did work 23/24 times very well, so I will give it a passing grade. It also takes a bit getting used to the motion control sensors. I was diappointed by the low quality of the exercise band. There are very rare program glitches, but nothing has been completely game breaking so far. Quirks, like moving the motion sensor to avoid timing out, require minor adaptations. Overall, the positives definitely outweigh negatives with this product. The trainer is very postive and while none of the exercises is "ground-breaking", the variety of exercises is decent. It is very nice to have some structure to the activity.

As for the program, it seems challenging enough. In fact, I almost wish the program took a slightly slower pace to advance phases. I am definitely getting real exercise. It is very nice to have an alternative to an expensive gym and the ability to exercise indoors during the winter months.

3 weeks to go!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Battlefield Heroes Mods Remove post on Censorship.

In most corporate settings where inputs are not favored, corporations tend to stagnate and decline, just ask Detroit.

Apparently, even posting about censorship in the off-topic section will get your thread removed on the Battlefield Heroes forums.

Many steps have been taken which have counteracted the attempts to build any kind of community within Battlefield Heroes. The developers broke their promise not to sell weapons which provide advantages. The developers then segmented the community into a have/have not crowd as regards the country specific Dr. Pepper codes.

Ironically, I get more friends and friend requests in the game than any other online game- a testament to the fact that the players are better than the developers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Active 2 Update

Today, while performing my exercises, I had extreme difficulty getting the program to recognize my motions during many of the resistance band exercises. It was not my batteries. I tried exaggerating the motions and it failed. Finally, I skipped the exercise (after ten minutes of furious swearing).

The next resistance band exercise had a similar problem. I skipped it too. When I got to the boxing exercise, I noticed that the left hand was swinging even if I did not move at all. It appears the motion controller was sending false positives. This prevented me from performing the resistance band activities because the program did not recognize me as "holding still".

I removed the batteries to turn the peripheral off completely then placed them back in. I finished my exercise program and rebooted my Wii and did a supplemental series of resistance band exercises to make up for the skipped exercises.

Patch 1.51 Officially Released.

After a short delay, 1.51 for Battlefield 2142 is officially released.

The patch download from EA is here.

The patch includes Northern Strike for free. I already own NS, but like having the disc free option and opening NS up to other players.

Attention at Dice is now turning to BF3.

Update: There are minor changes and some significant ones. I saw Titan's moving without causing major lag. Woot! Unfortunately, some issues were not addressed.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

EA Sports Active 2 Three Week Update.

I'm beginning "phase 2" of the program. The first phase went rather smoothly, but there were some set backs.

The wii-mote needs a bit of attention while exercising. After a period (of say 4 exercises- usually cool down), the remote may time out and then you get an annoying message saying communication with the wii-mote was lost. This is a very minor nuisance and simply moving the wiimote once in a while avoids the problem. This also occurs if your batteries run out.

The heart rate monitor attachment seems to bleed through batteries much faster than the normal motion detector. I'm thinking you will need to recharge your batteries once every two weeks on that item.

I purchased a Natural Fitness mat. It is beginning to show some small wear already.

Finally, the included resistance band broke during exercises.

It basically lasted through phase one of the nine week program- making it 23 days. I had to pick up a replacement band. This was disappointing. I was using the band a bit more since I had a custom routine I ran during 2 of the rest days which emphasized activities with the resistance band. Nevertheless, my total use of the band was pretty limited. There was really only one option for replacing the band at my local stores. I will see how long this one lasts. This added another $7 to the cost. My guess is most people will have to purchase a replacement band.

BF2142 1.51 Servers Now Online

The patch servers are slowly beginning to show up in the rotation. There is a bit more 2142 cross talk. Of course, this was overshadowed by the BF3 announcement.

Here's the latest update from Baza of EA:

"OK guys, so we have a change of plans after a tip off here on the forums that the md5 checks were not working. We spent this week fixing them and have verified everything is working with some of the RSP's (thanks XFactor Servers and Art Of War/WOLF).

The official release of BF2142 v1.51 will be on Tuesday 15th Febuary.

This does mean there is another patch file which EVERYONE will need to download and install.
If you have v1.51 installed already you will need to go into Regedit and modify version number from 1.51 to 1.50 before running the install file.

If you are installing fresh from DVD or EA Download Manager you will need to download and run v1.50 patch FIRST and then v1.51. You can get v1.50 from Fileplay here - Battlefield 2142 Patch v1.50 - Full download on Fileplay (BF2142_Update_1.50.exe)

The v1.51 patch is currently only for PC. The Mac version is away for the conversion process."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2142 1.51 Patch set to be released.

According to Bazajaytee:

"Thanks to those who did take part in the Beta and thanks for the feedback. We haven't had any major crash issues reported or server instability so we are going to go with releasing the Beta version as Final. Those who installed the Beta won't need to download or update anything to play v1.51.

However the server providers will be getting the server files during this week and setting their machines up with the new version.

The official release will be announced on the Blog when the RSP's have set up their servers. Current release schedule will be for end of this week/early next week depending on how soon the server providers can get updated."

I was hoping some other problems would be fixed as well. Given the relatively low participation in the beta, my guess is that the real testing will follow the release.