Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Censorship is a way of life on the internet.

Censorship is a way of life on the internet. Even I am forced to censor. Why? My service providers will probably shut down my site if I don't. This is not speculation. When spammers took over my forum, my hosting service shutdown my entire site. I kept the forum closed for months in order to keep the rest of my website running. I've reopened the forums, but under new policies to conform to the hosts demands.

I am constantly getting stupid comments by trolls which use vulgar language. Personally, I would not care that much. I draw the line at the heckler's veto, but I'm willing to let people express themselves. Unfortunately, in order to get posts out, it is necessary to use third party sites which often do care. So, I have to censor and remove the offending language. After all, my post may be suitable for work- why should your comments make it NSFW?

In any event, the law of the internet appears to be get censored and censor in order to communicate.

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