Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dollhouse Deck FG Hunter for Elements

As some people know, I used to play elements a lot more in the past. Now, I play maybe a game or two a day. I used to play in the tournaments, but grew tired of the controversies.

I still find it is a very well made free game which you can play at Kongregate or on the Elements the game site. Elements is a card dueling system played through your web browser. Your deck is saved remotely and can be accessed by any computer. It is a simplified combat system. Since the game is flash based it requires very low hardware requirements and can be played on netbooks, in coffee shops, and at the library. If you have not checked out elements, it is worth a look.

My current deck was built around 1 creature card: the purple nymph.

I created a deck for purposes of false god hunting. It is a concept deck and therefore probably not the cheapest or most effective deck you can build. I am not recommending this deck. It seems to work fairly well against L5, although there are decks with better win/loss ratios. Nevertheless, this is the deck I am currently using.

The deck code is:

500 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rq 6ts 6ts 6ts 6u8 7q0 7q5 7q8 7ri 808 808 808 808 808 80d 80d 80d 80d 80d 80d 80e 80e 80h 80h 80j 80j 80j

The mark is aether.

Here is an example of the deck in action against Dreamcatcher.

Here is the deck against Firequeen:

Here is the deck against Incarnate:

Here is the deck against ChaosLord:

Here is the deck against Paradox:

Here is the deck against Obliterator:

Here is the deck against Destiny:

For players who are just starting out, I recommend checking out the official forums for deck building tips and strategies.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The ping is too d@mn high!

I went back and tried playing a couple of my "older" games, but I could not because of my pings.

Battlefield 2142 in my area is pretty much not possible. There used to be about 2 servers I could connect to with players which had a low ping. Here is my screenshot of the pings today. (I tried to connect to to the Leet servers, but it would not.)

I will say these pings seemed unusually high, even for BF2142. Hopefully, it is a temporary thing.

I also tried Battlefield 2. I was able to connect to a server, but my ping was not competitive.

I connected to a "zero" rated server. Here is the in-game reading.

Finally, I looked at BF1942- and guess what! There is a server with a low ping and enough players to play.

So you might be thinking the game is a bit old. Well, first of all, people are still eagerly waiting for BF1943 for the PC. Second of all, there are a lot fewer aimbotters and hackers. Many of those players have moved on to games with leaderboards, global rankings, achievement awards, and unlocks. This makes the playing environment nice. This is not to say there aren't problems or any aimbotters or hackers. Just fewer. There are also no microtransactions to disrupt the parity.

Anyway, I've enjoyed some BF1942 recently and am glad that I have the opportunity to play it.

Hopefully, game companies will start to understand the importance of maintaining server support for their games, even vintage ones, across regions. It's very hard to recommend their games when you do not know what the ping/player count in a given area is.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Archon Classic!

So, I just found out about this!!! Sadly, it is not getting good reviews....

However, you can download the DEMO for free. It's limited to 20 minutes of play per day. I downloaded the demo and it seemed cool to me. Guess you can try before you buy.

Update: So my friend gifted me the game. This will give me an excellent chance to test out the game in much greater detail.

In any event, I'm checking it out. I really like the board music and the load screen artwork. On normal mode, I've won two in a row. I'm thinking that I should up the difficulty. I've also started to look at the conquest mode.

I will say that remaking Archon is an ambitious project. A lot of times, developers face gamers who expect the game to be identical to the original. Purists probably won't be completely satisfied with anything. Nevertheless, some latitude should be afforded. This will make my look at Archon even more interesting!

Here's what the developer said:

"We made the game conform and play just like the 1983 classic, thus the name, “Classic.” You have 8 directions to fire, we used sprites and all the rules from that era. With that said, we also added new things to the game, which would appeal to the modern gamer and bring the game up to speed. The things we’ve added were meant to add depth to the already fantastic game, not change it or take away from the core of what makes the game fun."

One thing the game DOES NOT currently have is online multiplayer support.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

G4TV News & Misc. RGN ?

Apparently, G4TV is facing some problems on DirectTv. In addition to that, Olivia Munn is on an extended break from AOTS. I cannot fault Olivia for seeking out new opportunities. Her presence in other formats may help raise awareness of G4TV outside of the gaming community. Of course, she is excellent on G4TV and many of her fans are expressing their sadness at her absence.

As people recall, I met Kevin Pereira at Comic-con 2010. Here is a picture of his autograph card that he gave me.

Looking at the card, he lists a sort of alias. The card made me wonder if gamers should all have Gamer id's. So far, players seem to be rejecting companies attempts to impose real game name requirements in games. Could a voluntary system work? What would it look like?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The latest Comic Book Creation of my Battlefield Heroes.

As many people know, I do not believe that DICE should sell weapons that provide a game advantage over VP players. However, I did recently take advantage of the Dr. Pepper promotion to outfit my character. I mailed away for codes as well as purchasing Dr. Pepper to get the unlock codes. I also used the free BF promotion at EA Gun Club to purchase items like Mel the Monkey, a stock anti-tank gun, and an extra hero slot.

Hopefully, someday when the Dr. Pepper promotion expires, the outfits might be available to people outside the US/CANADA.

In any case, I used an old program called Marvel Heroes Comic Book creator to throw this together. It sold for new for $4.99 at a Gamestop. The new version is probably much better and more expensive, but I find this version is very suitable for use in creating Video Game comic books. It usually saves the files in PDF format but unfortunately it skews the fonts. I was able to create a jpg version, which is here.

Hope you like it.

The Maldorar is a reference to Maldoror.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New COD launches; Taking aim at aimbotters.

Everyone is talking about the new COD.

I find the different editions quite interesting. According to PC Magazine:

"The Prestige Edition, which retails for $149.99, includes the RC-XD Surveillance Vehicle, delivering a remote camera that transmits both TFT color video and audio to its operator with a range of up to 200 feet."

That will set players back a bit.

With very little fanfare, 1541 released an anti-aimbot video.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Before and After



I have used only 2 Dr. Pepper codes on one Hero, ToreLovesEliza. I think you can see the difference. I have no problem with DICE selling or promoting these outfits. One thing, I have maintained is that my drab presence actually harms the paying players with dullness. Now, I'm doing a bit more of my part to alleviate this. If the paying players would now do their part and not buy weapons which provide an advantage, we would all be better off.

I will keep trying to collect Dr. Pepper codes for my other Heroes. I have mailed away for more codes so I will keep trying.

I found a place in Elko which sells Dr. Pepper under the cap codes- the Sinclair on 5th Street. If I find anymore locations, I will let you know. I will say these bottles are a bit expensive. I'm paying $1.99 for a 1 liter. The mail in code costs two stamps, so it is a much better deal- but you can only do one a week. ** I just discovered that Winner's Corner in Elko has them for $1.65 for 20 oz. I have now used 3 codes on ToreLovesEliza, 2 on Mntoothpick, and 1 on MaskedMakrel.

November 8 Update: I got my mailed away Dr. Pepper codes.

I am considering spending some of my free EA gunclub battlefunds on unlocking a national for purposes of play parity. Currently, I can only play Royals which can cause problems if there are not enough nats on a server.

So, I went ahead and purchased a slot only to find out that I had 4 slots already. The other news I discovered is that Smiths is now selling the EA Game Dr. Peppers for $1.49. Albertson's has the 20 oz for $1.39.

New Play for Free Battlefield being offered.

IGN has the story here.

It's good news and bad news.

The positive thing is that EA/DICE is getting more mileage out of its BF2 core engine. Hopefully, they will have fixed a few things.

It is a bit worrisome that DICE may discontinue support for its older games, in favor of promoting the newer free to play offering.

I have been a longstanding critic of the use of microtransactions that offer play advantages. I continue to see this as contrary to real gaming.

I am a huge fan of the avatar customization and feel that it benefits players.

Since EA/DICE has no incentive to apparently rebalance its microtransaction offerings, it is up to the players themselves to opt out of the pay for weapons advantage system.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love's Dr. Pepper Code.

I took a roadtrip to Salt Lake City. On my way there, I stopped at a Love's. They carried the Dr. Pepper Every Cap Wins bottle, so I bought one. It was pretty expensive at $1.99 for a 1 liter. I entered the code and got a new outfit for my Gunner. Check it out.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the mail in codes which are much more affordable.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010