Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dumb political stunts part 2.

Some people may recall my earlier post on dumb political stunts.

Apparently, the case is continuing to work its way up through the court system.

I grew up playing Mortal Kombat and I see no reason to regulate the sales of these games to minors. There is no such a thing as a violent video game. There are only video games that depict violence.

UPDATE: So I posted to Gamespot Forums today. I started a thread about video game censorship at the Supreme Court and asked how long it would be before the thread was closed banned. The answer is not long.

They called it spam because I linked to this post. o.o

UPDATE 2: So Gamespot has BANNED my account.

That's sending a strong anti-censorship message at a critical time in gaming.

Meanwhile, over at Total Gaming Network the thread has been closed in a move described as "ironic".

Yes the irony of having the thread closed with a sig file that says buy a BC2 server. I wonder if irony will be the word they use if this censorship thing comes to pass.

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