Saturday, May 16, 2009

Video Game sales drop in US.

US MARKET for video games is slightly battered.

Not surprising given the fact that there is usually a drop in must have sales in the summer season. Everyone starts focusing on the outdoors after a long oppressive winter. Plus, what is the last must have title? L4D?

This still ignores the fact that the Video game market is largely global and that the Asian markets are still mostly untapped by U.S. developers. Moving forward, it will be critical for US companies to produce content that can be marketed in other countries.

My guess is things will pick up with critical titles such as StarCraft 2, 1943, and others. These will probably launch near the back to school period in the fall.

Recently, I've been playing StarCraft by running it through a WINE emulator in Linux. It is still a very well thought out game. Definitely looking forward to the sequel. Speaking of Linux and Wine, apparently, Wine does not play nice with Punkbuster but plays well with VAC. That's bad for Battlefield but good for Team Fortress 2. It would be nice to see some Punkbuster and Linux compatibility.