Monday, March 30, 2009

BF2142 is getting a new map.

Well, we have heard about it for a while, but they finally posted something at 1UP.

Still the screenshot they used does not appear to be from the new map.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The posting is temporarily reduced as a result of an uptick in beta activities.

The trouble with some clans.

Positive experiences can be had playing with a regular group of people. Notwithstanding that, clans can have serious negative impacts on playing online games.

This article will focus on some of the negative elements of clans.

Clans can be the grassroots embodiment of corruption. Although teamwork and teamplay enhance online interactions, the darkside of clans must not be confused with team and community.

Some clans engage in negative behaviors like stat-padding or exploiting systems. In some cases, clans work together to get rewards they do not really deserve.

Some clans may attempt to team stack servers, cherry pick good players for one team. or engage in activities designed to upset team balance. Some clans may also infiltrate and corrupt opposing teams by planting themselves on opposing teams or squads, spying on the opposition, and sabotaging their efforts. Using tools such as third party communications software on password protected servers, clans can easily reveal opposing positions, orders, and other information.

Clans may try to eliminate negative round outcomes by banning or kicking players which are cause too much competition. In the long run, this reduces clan competitiveness, but in the short-run it punishes good players and interferes with good game play.

Conflicts of interest may also prevent clans from policing their membership. Clans may rely upon membership models of revenue that create barriers to effective policing. After all, if clans are relying on donations to run a server, it is very hard to police the donors.

Some clans have closed systems which make some of the players "untouchable". In addition, substantial group pressure make it unlikely that individual members will assert themselves against the clan. Newer members will probably want to fit in.

Joining a clan may lead to an assumption of risk regarding one's reputation and standing in the community. Good players may be tarnished by a clan's bad reputation or by the actions of a few. Even clans which try to police themselves and purge wayward members will be met by skepticism that meaningful change has occurred.

Again, playing with great groups of players and teams enhances the online experience. Nevertheless, negative aspects of the clan system need to be understood.