Sunday, December 28, 2008

Affordable Gaming.

Gaming needs to be affordable in order to be enjoyed. Certainly, BF:H is a step in the right direction. Free! It does not get much more affordable than that. Steam is also running some excellent sales right now- Bioshock for $4.99.

It seems, especially in the console world, too many games are priced at $39.99 or more! Many games are $49.99. At 100 hours of play time, that is still a good value, but unfortunately for many gamers, it is still out of reach. More games would sell and be played and enjoyed at lower prices, like $29.99.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long time no post.

Well, it has been a rather long time since my last post. I'm currently occupied by the Z competition which requires a substantial investment of time thru December. Good news! We are getting another patch. 1.51 will be coming along (eventually) with a new map! A new patch and a new map! You can read all about it at TGN: