Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've been taking a bit of a break from 2142 to play some Kongai. It is a very fun game. It reminds me a bit of magic. I find that the players are generally fairly friendly, though at times it gets a bit heated. The Kongai game includes an in match chat mode which is usually very fun. You can have small conversations. The game itself is a bit like magic. The game has some strange quirks that frustrate and confuse people at times, but overall is social and fun.

A few things need to be corrected. The new players are at an extreme disadvantage and there is little in the way of tutorials on the game. The noobs, like myself, tend to lose a lot of rounds just figuring a way around the game. The directions are somewhat skeletal and some of the necessary information may seem a bit arcane. They should create a lobby for level 1 players to learn to fight amongst themselves. New players do not have very many cards and the only way to really get started is to play with random all card decks. It takes forever to get a card. Given the 3% chance to get a card, getting cards is actually quite a feat.

Definitely a game worth spending time on.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Scratch and Kongregate.

So Scratch is really really cool as a tool goes. Not the most efficient, but really an easy programming tool. I like it tons.

Kongregate is less accessible on the programming side, but the revenue sharing model and community orientation (Facebook with flash games) means it's pretty cool.

Both of these things are winners.