Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is the most noobtacular play?

Is it bailing out of a transport without warning or is it prematurely getting out of a walker and handing it over to the other team? Or is there some other noobtacular move?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Doug Lowenstein's Letter.

There is some controversy over Doug Lowenstein's letter, in which he claims the gaming press made Jack Thompson what he is. That question is debatable, but the old skool of organizing did involve creating enemies and organizing people around enemies. This method of organizing politics is probably unhealthy. It is ironic, however, that the very techniques that Thompson himself employed (the creation of a strawman target, via video games in a cultural war), would themselves be the techniques that took him down. But a fair question remains whether anyone is better off as a result of this sordid political theater.

One thing is for sure, Lowenstein's suggestion not to gloat or promote Thompson seems wise to me. I also think that Jack Thompson will be back, but more uncontrollable than ever, now that a measure of control (his bar license has been removed). I'm filing this all under be careful what you wish for.

The real challenges facing video games remain.

The Chickenhawks.

There are clans, we'll call them Chickenhawks, which embody the kind of hypocrisy that can there is only one word that befits them: Chickenhawks. Chickenhawks will promote anticheat measures while engaging in other forms of deviant online social play such as bullying, ignoring legitimate aspects of play, and engaging in otherwise cowardly play that typifies the leadership of someone who might run an insurance company by modern wall street standards.

You know who you are.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Call me Snake.

Late last night, I had the best of times and the worst of times on the Battlefield. My problems began on Operation Shingle. I just logged in and was not really focused so I began to get owned. Since its a conquest map, and I had lost focus, I figured, I'd find a safe place to sit it out rather than cost the team valuable tickets. Sometimes, it is better to be MIA than contribute. Fortunately, the round came to a quick close.

The next round, I figured I'd try my hand at commanding since it would allow me to regain some focus. I had a well stocked team, 4 squads and at least one man squad (full 6). It was Cerebre landing. I was a bit suspect at the fact that the ticket bleed continued until we capped 2 points, as it is traditionally a one point bleed. No matter by the time we took the first two control points, we were down by 30 tickets. We soldiered on. It was clear that victory could probably only be achieved if we capped all the points. Exercising patience and discipline, the team slowly captured the points. We took the comm center and then began to work down. (This is really the only hope if you can't win on tickets on that map.) I regularly notified my team as to movements and dropped as many UAV's as possible.

Every time a walker appeared, I quickly notified my team. I kept it surrounded by motion mines and would even sit in the second seat (gunner's chair) rather than let it go unoccupied. A few times I walked it up to the front and let another soldier take it.

Towards the end of the round, we were losing 30-50 when we made the last push for the final control point- the church. All squads were ordered to move in. I dropped a UAV. The walker spawned. I did a quick sat track and saw a stray was moving towards Office Ruins. I spotted out the stray, dropped an orbital in their general direction, jumped into the walker and joined the rush on the Church.

A soldier moved back towards Office ruins to pick up the stray. The rest of the squads turned the Church's flag point to grey by the time I got the walker to the front. I switched to gun seat two. Motion mines lay in my path. I blasted a few rounds into some EU troops while the battle raged on around me. An orbital was incoming on my position, so I quickly dropped a supply near the walker. Wasn't sure whether the walker I was in would live or die. The screams of the orbital screamed in the background as the warning siren blared as a reminder of the mines in my path. It was insane.

The team took Church and swept up the remaining resistance. When it was over, we had 13 tickets left and they had 40. I exited the walker and initiated a sat track. One straggling hold out remained. He retreated to our uncap where I spotted him out for my team. Their tickets began to bleed. Eventually, we hunted him down and ended the match.

It was long, it was bloody, but it was over and we won.

That's the rush we all play for.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sandviches not cookies.

So anyway, the solution to the TF2 cookie problem appears to be sandviches. No seriously, changing the IE settings to block all cookies appears to work.


DICE is planning on a winter release of BF2 patch. This is very exciting because they think they have a way of dealing with ID spoofing and suggest they may have a handle on some of the aimbotting problems. Time will tell, but at least they are trying.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Team Fortress 2 and cookies.

My game machine is "isolated" from the internet. A single cookie will create conflicts with BF2142. I no longer use that machine for surfing the internet, I use a separate laptop for that. Unfortunately, I get cookies playing TF2. I'm not sure if it is the Steam store pop ups, or the splash loaders in game but a cookie always gets installed when I play. This means I only play TF2 in spells, realizing I will have to waste time and energy cleaning my machine after each session. This curtails my regular playing of the game.

Please get rid of the cookies!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Another FNFF will take place. This one will be on the ZU Custom map server. Should be a great opportunity to test some of the custom maps. Already people are worried about the BattleAxe remake (as they should be). But we will give things a chance and see how they go...

The debate over accessories has re-emerged on the forums. There is a long standing question about the use of on-the-fli dpi or "boards" versus macros. In 2142, the longstanding rule has been that accessories are allowed, but macros are not. People may prefer to use a board, such as the well designed N52, to enhance their gaming experience. Some advocate the "slide" rule approach of using a traditional keyboard. As flexible as a keyboard is, there is nothing wrong with using a specialized input device that improves user interaction with the gaming environment.

The Spore launch went off with a bit of controversy over the DRM system implemented. People are upset over the invasive nature of the DRM. As someone who remembers the pirate wars during the Amiga days, let me just say both sides have legitimate positions. The manufacturers need to be compensated and want to protect their product. The legitimate gamer does not want invasive software systems installed on their games. The affordability of the title will probably do more to stem the flow of piracy than DRM systems. Again, Heroes will be a foray into new revenue models.

The Amiga piracy wars of 1990 proved two things. The use of hardware keys and toggles and invasive techniques was not well received by the consumer and may have accelerated the decline of the Amiga. Widespread piracy ultimately killed the platform by cutting off the lifeblood.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spore launch tomorrow.

Well the stats have not been updating on 2142. This is irking many players. On the one hand, at least people aren't wasting their time conforming their play styles to earn awards, on the other hand, people are upset about the absence of working stats. I guess most people want things to work as they are supposed too, even though they will complain endlessly about the award whores and stat padders.

In other news, EA is launching SPORE tomorrow. You may have heard about it. Supposed to be big and creative and good. Based on the pre-launch hype machine and the buzz surrounding Spore, it looks like it will be a successful launch.