Thursday, August 28, 2008

New tactic, basically approved.

Well after much grousing on the EA forums, I received an email from Barry Tingle of DICE regarding a new shield overloading tactic that is allowed depending on the server administrator.

Basically, you can hit the shields protecting corridors 3 and 4 with a pilum and knock out consoles 1 and 2.

Here is what Barry said:

"It actually takes 14 shots on the shield to destroy the console below.

As to whether it is a legitimate tactic we will leave to the individual server administrators to decide.

After all they are attacking the Titan.


The good news is this will please people who want to play on servers which allow the tactic. The bad news is that servers must now make it clear that shield overloading is or is not allowed to avoid the ambiguity on each server. I'm sure this will cause a few misunderstandings at first, but eventually people will pick servers which suit there play style and admin policies will hopefully be clear on each titan server. I guess I will give it a go later.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New TF2 Update.

I was on vacation for a month and a lot has changed.

To begin with, there is a new TF2 patch. The focus is on the Heavy Class. It took about 15 hours of play to get access to all the heavy unlocks. The best unlock in the new series is the sandvich. The gloves look very cool and are much cooler than the fists. The Natasha is more controversial with many people saying it wasn't much of an update. The heavy unlocks do not fundamentally alter game balance.

The new achievements for the Heavy were well thought out. In order to get the achievements, it is still necessary to alter your play style. The achievements are geared for more ordinary play, though a few are still a bit quirky. People will still find themselves unloading clips to earn awards like Heavy industry, standing next to dispensers, and trying to get kills with taunts while ubered? Okay, so the acheivements requires some alterations to ordinary play. Still there are enough "normal" achievements not to interfere too greatly with the play style.

Valve is driving its time into improving this product. The game has more levels and features than when it shipped. Many people felt it was good game to begin with. For the most part it is getting even better. Definitely geared towards gamers with busier schedules. Definitely worth checking out, especially on a free weekend.