Monday, June 30, 2008

21st Century blues.

Trying out Skype and so far it has been a very bumpy ride. Yes, indeed.

First, there promotion apparently ended on June 1st, but they have not apparently updated their website, so I guess they are going to bill me a larger amount. Nice. Next, they are charging me for an "online number" even though it said that was included in the subscription price in the faq. Whatever.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A new patch for BF2. This is very exciting news at it represents a commitment by EA to support its titles 3 YEARS into their development! People are already speculating that the BF2142 series will get a new patch in time for its 2nd year anniversary! Long term support! It's about time- so to speak!


According to Game Politics, it looks the video game industry and the gamer community is about to suffer a setback in New York regarding regulations.

I’m not sure who the gamer community has working for them on these issues. It would be helpful if they had someone who had experience blogging, was a gamer themselves, had a basic understanding of intellectual property issues, had worked on first amendment cases in the past, had training and background as a grassroots activist and organizer, and maybe some experience in grassroots lobbying, or possibly with netroots mobilizations.

But where would they find such a person? My suspicion is that person will be fishing in Norway during the months of July and August, an application from last winter still collecting dust somewhere in Connecticut...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pen and Paper

Okay we're breaking out the pen and paper and going NERDCORE. Picked up the new copy of Dungeons and Dragons! That's right b4by, we're talking 4th Edition. I'm a bit old school since I grew up playing 1st Edition- back when the orcs were orcs and the wenches were... well you get the point. Looks like a lot has changed since the 1st Edition.

For example:

"Corellon is often depicted as an eladrin, but he is no more an eladrin than he is a fey panther- he is a god, and he transcends the physical laws that bind even angels to their concrete forms." (p.20 new players manual)

Thank the gods they cleared that up. I'm sick of all the debates. Actually, I was playing first edition through highschool, graduated, and am now trying to see what I've missed. I have no idea who Corellon even is.

I'm very excited about this new edition even though it looks a bit strange to me. Nevertheless, although I'm only 50 pages into the Player's handbook and have another 857 pages of reading to do, I'm looking forward to seeing if any of my old friends are going to walk the smack they talk and throw in for some good old fashion pen and paper gaming.

So far it's easy to read, a bit humorous, and well illustrated. I'm a bit concerned by the high price of InsideDND, the service which they are selling. Although I was hyped about possibly being able to play online with friends, the interface looks a bit primitive, and the cost is exhorbitant.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

EA admits wrong doing.

Wired: Electronic Arts done torturing studios.

It might be a while before Battlefield 3 (then again, maybe not). That might not be a bad thing, according to Wired:

"Speaking at an investors conference earlier this week, Riccitiello spoke of how EA worked its Vancouver studio to the bone having them churn out yearly updates to the Need For Speed racing series (above). The next Need For Speed game will have had a 16-month cycle and extra head count, he said, and starting with the subsequent installment in the series, it will be created by two teams on alternating two-year cycles. One game release per year, none of the agony."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Things are looking up.

Well not everything was fixed by the 1.50 patch. But I think the new patch breathed new life into things and gave players some much needed new maps! The new maps have been received with considerable controversy. Both maps have some pretty strong points though and both are worth playing. For me, I enjoy Wake Island. I wish the frame rate was a little more rock solid throughout the level, but overall its pretty good for me. It pretty much offers a total 2142 experience. It has all the vehicles, a nice layout for compressing the action, a modified titan and plenty of opportunities for air battles. (PLUS check out the awesome land bridge!). Action does get a bit compressed on the titan at times, but the open titan corridors definitely keep the action fast paced and fun. Overall, I like it.

Operation Shingle. Almost no one has anything bad to say about the map, and I'm going to say it is pretty much rock solid. Sometimes, people get camp happy and a few of the spawn points seem a bit vulnerable, but overall, a good job. People seem to like I/O style maps. I personally like having a few vehicles and think the maps have the right kind/number of vehicles in general, but I don't mind a map that emphasizes solid infantry play and Shingle does that.

There's a lot more that could be done with 2142, but this was definitely a step in the right direction.

On a more serious note, people are wondering if there will be another update. If ad revenue=more support, then I'm willing to live with a billboard now and again. So hopefully we can get even more changes made.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MAC support.

Well apparently the MAC heads are not on board with 1.50 yet as no patch was released for the Mac. What? That just seems crazy to me. I miss the MAC heads since they tended to be less experienced than the regular players.