Monday, April 28, 2008

Old School FPS

Phyrric Dance

Painting by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

GTA IV is to be released.

Although it will probably be a great game and I have no real objections to the content of the game, the GTA series is less impressive than the Battlefield series. Still an emphasis on single player gaming. Will this change with the new online features? Maybe. Unless it does, I've got a copy of Vice City which will do fine.

Here's what ABCNews is writing:

"Justin McElroy, a West Virginia-based editor at the video game blog Joystiq, was on his way to preorder the game earlier this week.

"I'm excited to play it. ... I think I'm probably like a lot of people. Fifty percent want to play the game, and 50 percent" want to interact with other gamers, McElroy said. "Buying a game at the same time as everybody else is the closest we get to a mass social experience sometimes.""


Really McElroy? Cause I know what a mass social experience is and it is not buying the same game at the same time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


"It has been a little quiet on the Battlefield PC scene recently when it comes to what the DICE Live team has been up to. That’s because on top of dealing with cheats and server problems, we have been busy listening to you all in the community and working on a new update for Battlefield 2142. As well as making significant updates, we are bringing new content to 2142 which will bring new experiences to the Battlefield. As with Update 1.40, we will be running public beta on the update to gather your feedback so watch out for that announcement when we’ll be explaining more about the new content."

Matrix 2142

Came across this little beauty on the forums, so I had to post it here:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nemesis Stumbles.

ABCNEWS Blomberg has story on student loan debacle.

Notwithstandng the fact that this is usually a video game blog, I thought I would take time out to celebrate the downfall of a player in the student loan SCAM industry.

"First Marblehead Corp., the third- largest U.S. arranger of securities backed by student loans, tumbled as much as 39 percent after the guarantor of its loans sought bankruptcy protection."

One down, two to go. The demise of any company or enterprise in particular means a loss to ordinary people. Usually, there are a host of decent hardworking people who support there families working at said enterprises.

Nevertheless, student loan inc. needs to bite the dust.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Update on TRR player.

The TRR player in question reports that an admission that a mistake was made is likely, but that despite this there will be no reinstatement of the players stats. That is really sad.

It takes a lot of hard work to successfully earn some of the awards, unlocks, and achievements in BF2142. Some of the awards take a ridiculous amount of time and the thought they could be careless wiped is sad.

The whole thing goes to show you, people need to be more careful about making accusations and EA still needs to get its house in order as regards this whole stats issue.